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Hiatal Hernia

A hiatal hernia occurs when the upper part of your stomach bulges through your diaphragm (the large muscle separating your abdomen and chest) into your chest cavity. Most small hiatal hernias cause no signs or symptoms. However, a larger hiatal hernia can cause heartburn, regurgitation of food or liquids into the mouth, acid reflux, difficulty swallowing, chest pain or abdominal pain, feeling full soon after you eat, and shortness of breath. I offer non-invasive treatment options for hiatal hernias that include gentle, manual therapy to reduce the hernia and eventually eliminate it. I also recommend Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) and enzyme supplementation to restore normal stomach function. My treatment plan focuses on treating the primary cause of hiatal hernias, which eliminates the need for symptom suppression.

Acid Reflux

One of the first things most doctors do when a patient has acid reflux, or GERD is to put the patient on an antacid. However, an antacid has the wrong biochemistry as it neutralizes one of the most important of all body secretions, Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). The single most important thing the stomach is designed to do is make acid. Thisi s why my approach to restoring the stomach to wellness and eliminating acid reflux (and all of its symptoms) begins with Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) and enzyme supplementation via a restoration protocol. This acid reflux treatment eliminates the need for medications and their undesired effects in a non-surgical, non-invasive manner.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One of the most common causes of carpal tunnel syndrome is the misalignment of one or two of the bones in the wrist. This shifting of the bones results in obstruction of the canal (space) that contains the nerve and other soft tissues. The result of the shift is inflammation that irritates/squeezes the median nerve which can ultimately lead to pain, numbness, tingling, weaker grip, and a tendency to drop things, which we commonly refer to as carpal tunnel syndrome. My carpal tunnel syndrome treatment protocol is a simple, non-invasive non-surgical option that has proven to be a highly successful solution in my over 30 years of experience that includes gentle manual manipulation.

Tennis Elbow/Golfer’s Elbow

The key to eliminating the symptoms of pain, inflammation, and joint restrictions caused by what is commonly known as tennis or golfer’s elbow (otherwise known as lateral and medial epicondylitis) is to restore the proper mechanical function of the elbow joint. My treatment protocol for tennis or golfer’s elbow is performed through non-invasive joint re-alignment that requires no medication or injections.

Plantar Fascitis

Plantar fasciitis is caused by the stretching of the tendons that connect to the three arches of the foot. Most commonly, the long tendon that supports the inner arch of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is due primarily to the inward rolling of the foot, known as overpronation. Once these tendons are stretched past their normal tone, they will never return to their initial strength. My treatment protocol for plantar fasciitis is performed through non-invasive soft tissue release work. My plan requires no painful injections or needles and offers a nearly 100% success rate in the treatment of plantar fasciitis over the past 30 years. Another option is fitting for custom orthotics, if appropriate.

Prenatal Adjustments

The extra weight from pregnancy puts stress on the low back, often causing sciatica or other pain-related issues. Chiropractic helps ease the pain during pregnancy as well as the labor process. Many of our patients with multiple children have said there’s no comparison between their pregnancies with chiropractic vs. the ones without them.

Children (babies and up)

One of life’s most beautiful moments, the birth process, can also be one of the most stressful on the musculoskeletal system.  Starting from day one, chiropractic adjustments can help issues such as colic as well as supporting the immune system. From birth through adulthood, chiropractic adjustments are life-changing.

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