Beyond Chiropractic Care

Kinesiology Taping, Exercise & Body Chemistry

This rehabilative technique assists with the body’s healing process by offering support to muscles and joints without restricting mobility.


Just like you, your furry loved one’s spine gets out of line too! We offer adjustments specialized for animals, so they can enjoy a pain-free life

Weight Loss

Dr. Jones searched long and hard for the ultimate weight loss protocol for his patients who wanted to lose weight as well as lower blood pressure, reverse diabetes, among other problems. He is proud to be a provider of the Ideal Protein protocol which has been around for over 30 years. It’s a medically designed weight loss method currently offered by over 3500 providers in their practices in North America. It’s a terrific way to lose fat while supporting lean muscle mass

Nutritional Counseling

Chiropractic care scope goes beyond the musculoskeletal portion. The majority of the problems we are facing in healthcare today are directly lying in the roots of poor nutrition.  If optimal health is to be achieved, nutrition must be incorporated and utilized to maximized patient outcome. In the words of Dr. Jones, “My approach is not merely controlling symptoms associated with pain but to locate the underlying causes and make corrections where appropriate.” Dr. Jones has over 300 hours of clinical experience treating a broad range of nutritional deficiencies and imbalances.